Robert Rodi

Robert Rodi (b.1956) was born in Chicago, a town seething with literary and musical energy, and he has spent his life immersed in their Robert Rodicurrents. His first novels, which quickly gained him cult status, were deftly drawn satires of the city’s gay scene. While continuing to write fiction (most recently, “Baby”) he’s branched out into nonfiction, the better to share his enthusiasm for the world of canine agility (in “Dogged Pursuit”) and all things Italian, specifically the great Tuscan horse race, the Palio (“Seven Seasons In Siena“).

He also writes comic books for both Vertigo and Marvel, pens a self-described “guerilla lit-crit” blog about Jane Austen called “Bitch In a Bonnet”, and covers the local performing arts scene for The Huffington Post.  He’s a performer himself, being an auxiliary member of Chicago’s esteemed monologuist ensemble BoyGirlBoyGirl; he’s also the front man for the fusion rock band 7th Kind (whose CD “Sea Monster” is available on Amazon).

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