Cynthia Clampitt

Cynthia ClampittI am a freelance writer, culinary historian, and world traveler. I have (so far) visited 37 countries on six continents, ranging from Mongolia to Morocco, India to Iceland, Egypt to Ecuador, Canada to Cambodia. My writing life and adventures had their genesis in the trip recounted in my book “Waltzing Australia.” That adventure marked the “starting over” of my life, and it brought about a true transformation, changing me from a corporate creature who knew only blue suits and meeting rooms, and who never went on vacation, to a lover of wild places who now considers travel a necessity.

My interest in culinary history is anchored in a family history of food-related employment and enjoyment and my own passion for all things historical. Because I love history and geography, much of my work is in educational publishing, and I have written history or geography materials for every major educational publisher in the U.S., as well as for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. However, I also write about food and travel for magazines and newspapers. Of the two books I’m currently working on, one is a sequel to “Waltzing Australia” (I have made several return trips) and one is a culinary history (most people are amazed to learn how important food has been in the history of the world).

If you’d like to read some of my culinary history writing, as well as some of my other interests, you can visit my food/travel blog: