Chef Darrell “DAS” Smith

About Chef Darrell “DAS” Smith

ChefDAS-fire-200x300Chef Darrell “DAS” Smith fell in love with food when he was just 19 while attending college and heading towards a career in business. After seeing the response that he got from serving hors d’oeuvres at parties he decided to take his love for food to another level put his personal twist on it and make it his business.

Growing up in Ypsilanti, Michigan (right outside of Detroit) in a household where food was always associated with family, he experienced the social impact that it has and its ability to bring people together and change their moods. After realizing that there is no area of life where food is not included, he figured out that he could put himself on any path that he found to be interesting such as in the world of television, politics and education. That is what inspired him to step outside of the traditional lines of being a chef and expand his position further.

Chef DAS has been featured on the Food Network’s “Next Food Network Star,” the Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Home Made Simple” and was selected to prepare a luncheon for the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Now Look Whos CookingObama.

His desire and passion for mentoring and teaching young adults the importance of having a healthy culinary lifestyle led him to create a first-class, state of the art Culinary Arts program in a California distinguished high school. Because of this passion he is dedicating much of his time to create additional educational programming through books, seminars, television and more.

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