Barbara Hansen

Barbara Hansen, IFWTWA Member

A dedicated food explorer, I run two blogs. is devoted to Mexican food and travel. deals with all aspects of food, wine and travel. I do the photos and develop and test the recipes for both blogs. In addition, I writSoutheast Asian Cookinge and take photos for Squid Ink, the food blog of LA Weekly. In 2013, my guidebook to Korean restaurants in Los Angeles will be published by the Korea Food Foundation. The Travel 100 edition of Saveur for 2013 includes my article on Anaheim’s Little Arabia. My article and photos on American style coconut pie in Thailand appeared in Saveur in November, 2010. I have also written for Bon Appetit and the now defunct Cuisine. In February, 2013, I will speak on food and travel as part of a panel at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I was on staff at The Los Angeles Times for many years as a food writer and also wrote for the Travel, Business and Calendar sections and for the Sunday magazine. In 2004 I won a James Beard award for my article in the LA Times on mezcal in Oaxaca and, before that, I was nominated for a Beard award for an article on cooking with Chinese medicinal herbs. My five cookbooks are: “Cooking California Style” and “Good Bread,” both published by Macmillan; “Mexican Cookery” published in two editions by HP Books; “Barbara Hansen’s “Taste of Southeast Asia,” published by HP, and “Southeast Asian Cooking,” published by Fisher Books.

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